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for British Expats looking to Transfer their UK Pension Offshore


What are the benefits of transferring?



The ability to pass on the entire fund in the event of death without any UK Inheritance tax (IHT) applying. For both spouse, Children and Spouse's beneficiaries. See


25% Tax Free cash lump sum from age 55

Access to the assets and fund within the HMRC guidelines. From age 55 as of 6th April 2015 100% of the Pension Fund can be accessed..
Non Domicile Spouse - Enable your Pension to be transferred to your Non Domicile Spouse without it being limited to £325,000. Currently 40% tax is a payable. This was increased from £55,000 in 2013.
Tax Free Pension income - For expats living in a zero tax location.
No obligation to purchase an annuity.
Transfer any asset including Commercial property, company shares & additional assets into the QNUPS.
Actuarial calculations can be used to authorise higher percentage draw down. (Health, age etc)
No lifetime allowance limit - Currently a maximum of £1 Million can be held by an individual in a UK Pension before a tax liability is created. Any amount above can result in up to a 55% Taxation known as a "life time allowance charge". See the following HMRC link
Also Applicable to UK residents or clients that may move back to the UK - the ability to make contributions without tax relief to a QNUPS. IHT protection applies from day one and there is complete investment flexibility.
Choice of Investment Currency
Unlimited fund selections word wide
100% Capital Protected funds available
Can we Help? - If you are a British expat or you have lived in the UK and contributed to a UK Pension for over 7 years and want information on how to transfer your pension offshore, we can help you. You could be transferring your UK pension abroad into a QROPS, establish a QNUPS or even consildate all schemes into one and leave them to remain in the UK via a UK SIPP.

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