Providing information and clarity

for British Expats looking to Transfer their UK Pension Offshore


What can be transferred?



Personal Pensions


Group Personal Pensions

Appropriate Personal Pensions
Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)
Final Salary Schemes
FSAVCs – Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Schemes
Occupational Scheme
Defined contribution (contracted-in or out)
Defined benefit (contracted-in or out)
Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS)
Legacy plans such as Section 226 & EPPs

Schemes in draw-down


NHS Pensions - No Longer Possible since 6th April 2015


Teachers Pension Schemes - No Longer Possible since 6th April 2015



Armed Forces Pensions - No Longer Possible since 6th April 2015





All Public Service & Government Pensions - The vast number are No Longer Possible since 6th April 2015, but a small number maybe.




Can we Help? - Can we Help? - If you are a British expat or you have lived in the UK and contributed to a UK Pension for over 7 years and would like information on how to transfer your pension offshore, we can help you. You may wish to transfer your UK pension overseas into a (Q)ROPS, establish a QNUPS or even consildate all schemes into one and leave them to remain in the UK via a UK SIPP.

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